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Climate change: Climategate

In the last few days the internet has been ablaze with news of leaked documents, emails and computer code from computers at the CRU — The Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, UK.
In what is being [...]


The UK seems to be embarking on a big nuclear power plant building exercise, to replace existing plants about to be decommissioned, to help reduce reliance on oil and gas, to reduce the carbon footprint and to increase availability of power for increasingly power-hungry consumers. These new plants will most likely be the new EPR [...]

Two French nuclear spills in one month

July 2008 has been a bad month so far for the French nuclear power industry with two nuclear spills already, and the month is not finished yet.
The first nuclear accident occurred on Monday 7th July 2008 at the Tricastin facility, where 74 kg of liquid uranium was spilled and entered the water table.
Interestingly, or not, [...]

The Great Global Warming Debate

I would be the last person to claim to be an expert on issues related to global warming. However, recent news items that have caught my attention have made me curious. In today’s article American physicists warned not to debate global warming it appears that there is unease regarding the close examination of the figures [...]

Legal, British P2P ‘by end of year’

Well, after writing this piece advocating a flat-rate music purchase model a year ago, today I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the likelihood of this happening seems to be increasing.

Social Media Monitoring – Room101

As talked about at length in a previous posting, the brands / corporations are paying online snooping companies, err… ’social media monitoring’ companies’ to scour the internet for bad words said about them and their products.
Well, you’d think it would be obvious to a company that when they intentionally use restrictive practices in their products, [...]

The brands are listening to the bloggers

After scanning my web server’s logs I found some unusual activity and decided to investigate further. I discovered that it seems that brands pay some internet companies to scan blog sites to see what things people are saying about them and their products.

Flat-rate music for all

Like many people, I have watched the ‘progress’ of the music market with keen interest over the years and, in my opinion, there is only one sensible outcome likely.

The No Asshole Rule

Now here’s a book with a great title!

Entrepreneurialism – the new buzz

The difference between success and failure can often be very small, and yet relatively few people make their dreams of success come true. Why is that, and what steps can be taken to ensure success? Great amounts of energy have already been devoted to this subject, but now a TV series shows budding entrepreneurs attempting [...]

The Troll under the bridge

Not content with receiving monthly internet subscriptions, phone and cable companies are starting to cast their eye on tastier morsels, but this could potentially affect our freedom using the internet.