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Credit Crunches

The term ‘credit crunch’ has been well and truly flogged to death during the recent financial chaos, so it was time for me to dump all this stuff out of my head into this new blog post. As well as cursory explanation of what happened, I’ll chuck in a couple of chuckles as we all [...]

Spam Poetry

I can’t be the only one who has a free email account, and from time to time checks the ’spam’ folder before deleting it all, just in case some genuine person has sent an email that has triggered the spam filter somehow. The filth and annoying crap you find in there is just incredible. Today, [...]

She’s in a mood!

The female gender present particular challenges to us males at times, and it isn’t always easy dealing with their moods…

Brand spanking – revenge of the Chav

When you see how much time and money goes into creating “designer” brands like Gucci, Pucci (yes, that’s a new one on me too!), Prada and Burberry that try to create an image of exclusivity, glamour and luxury that only the “privileged few” are lucky enough to have access to, it is damned funny [...]