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Legal, British P2P ‘by end of year’

Well, after writing this piece advocating a flat-rate music purchase model a year ago, today I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the likelihood of this happening seems to be increasing.

Promise Beyond

GarageBand is one of the applications you’ve probably seen on your Mac but never really used much, but it can be a lot of fun, as I discovered.
Using the built in loops and the music editor, you can create music really quickly. It can start like a kind of ‘painting by numbers’ for music.
I’m still [...]

Life on a hard drive

With the ubiquity of digital cameras and camcorders, it is becoming ever easier to record and organise your family memories and, ironically, the safety of these recorded memories is becoming ever more jeopardised due to the flawed nature of recording media such as CD ROMs, DVDs and hard drives.

She’s in a mood!

The female gender present particular challenges to us males at times, and it isn’t always easy dealing with their moods…

Flat-rate music for all

Like many people, I have watched the ‘progress’ of the music market with keen interest over the years and, in my opinion, there is only one sensible outcome likely.