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And the winner is… MindManager X5 Pro

I tried a number of different pieces of software to create mind maps with, and most of them were quite disappointing. However, one of them stood out from the rest — it is called MindManager X5 Pro. It can be found here: MindManager X5 Pro. After using it for a while it became apparent that [...]

How to create Mind Maps

If you are interested in creating your own Mind Maps then consider the following:

The future way of working?

Mind maps are a graphical depiction of interconnected thoughts, ideas or facts. Mind maps were made popular in the 1970’s by a British man called Tony Buzan.

Mr Bloggy test

Check if standard HTML tags can be embedded in blog land…

It works!

Finally, after countless hours of configuration this thing finally seems to work! Now then, what to put here?