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Breden’s BASIC: The Source Code

After getting a decent version control system setup on this ZFS NAS (git, Subversion or something else ???), I will be feeding the source code of Breden’s BASIC into it.
Then after re-familiarising myself with the code, I plan to make the 6502 assembly language source code available online for 6502 enthusiasts, or anyone else curious [...]

Home Fileserver: ZFS hardware

After deciding that I would use Sun Solaris and its ZFS file system as the foundation for a home fileserver, the next part was to select compatible hardware, as Solaris has fairly limited driver support for hardware.

Spam Poetry

I can’t be the only one who has a free email account, and from time to time checks the ’spam’ folder before deleting it all, just in case some genuine person has sent an email that has triggered the spam filter somehow. The filth and annoying crap you find in there is just incredible. Today, [...]

The brands are listening to the bloggers

After scanning my web server’s logs I found some unusual activity and decided to investigate further. I discovered that it seems that brands pay some internet companies to scan blog sites to see what things people are saying about them and their products.

How to enable your DVD player to play DivX format video from DVD+R discs

After my Panasonic DMR-EH57 HDD/DVD video recorder refused to play DivX format video from DVD+R discs recorded on my Mac Pro’s ‘SuperDrive’, I looked for a solution and found one, which I will now describe.

Leopard: first impressions

After using Leopard for a week or so, here are my first impressions but, overall, it seems like quite an improvement over the last version of Mac OS X, which was already pretty good.

Life on a hard drive

With the ubiquity of digital cameras and camcorders, it is becoming ever easier to record and organise your family memories and, ironically, the safety of these recorded memories is becoming ever more jeopardised due to the flawed nature of recording media such as CD ROMs, DVDs and hard drives.

Hard drives du jour

It seems that some hard drives are more equal than others.

Apple RAM prices

If you have an Apple Mac and have been thinking of upgrading the memory in it, it pays to shop around, as there is a huge difference in prices to be found.

Complex nature

Taking a digital photo today made me think a little about nature and complexity.

Windows, Linux and Mac OS X shootout

Having been a Windows, Linux and Mac OS X user, amongst others, I prefer Mac OS X. Let’s take a brief look at what each OS offers you.

Breden’s BASIC

Breden’s BASIC is a piece of software I started writing for the Commodore 64 in September 1983 and finished in March 1984 (software + 160 page user guide). The software is written entirely in 6502 assembly language, and extends the existing built-in BASIC interpreter and adds 135+ extra commands related to graphics, sound, programming enhancements [...]

And the winner is… MindManager X5 Pro

I tried a number of different pieces of software to create mind maps with, and most of them were quite disappointing. However, one of them stood out from the rest — it is called MindManager X5 Pro. It can be found here: MindManager X5 Pro. After using it for a while it became apparent that [...]