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Stop SPAM the smart way

People tell me about the trouble they are having with SPAM. I give them a blank look and a shrug and say “what’s SPAM?”.

Bought a new Mac? Then read this

I bought a new Mac recently and was thinking of how I was going to get the new machine configured to work in the same way as the old one.

Windows, Linux and Mac OS X shootout

Having been a Windows, Linux and Mac OS X user, amongst others, I prefer Mac OS X. Let’s take a brief look at what each OS offers you.

Breden’s BASIC

Breden’s BASIC is a piece of software I started writing for the Commodore 64 in September 1983 and finished in March 1984 (software + 160 page user guide). The software is written entirely in 6502 assembly language, and extends the existing built-in BASIC interpreter and adds 135+ extra commands related to graphics, sound, programming enhancements [...]

Psssst… wanna buy a nice sculpture?

I have been encouraging somebody to put her sculptures online for sale.

Mac display settings

If you think that some text on your display is hard to read then there just might be a way to improve it.