Complex nature

Taking a digital photo today made me think a little about nature and complexity.

The photo was taken in RAW mode on my Nikon D200 camera which resulted in a 15MB file being created by the camera. When I was back at the ranch, after importing the image, and seeing the size of this image, I thought about it a bit:

  1. When I was 17 I spent about 6 months of my life to create a software package that was less than 8KB in size.
  2. This photo took 1/200 of a second to take, and was 15MB in size (approx. 2000 times the storage required by the software package I wrote).

The photo I took today was complex in its detail, but took almost no time to create. The software package I wrote in 1983 was fairly complex to create, yet used less than 1/2000 of the storage required by the photo. Times move on at an incredible pace!

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