Breden’s BASIC: The Source Code

After getting a decent version control system setup on this ZFS NAS (git, Subversion or something else ???), I will be feeding the source code of Breden’s BASIC into it.

Then after re-familiarising myself with the code, I plan to make the 6502 assembly language source code available online for 6502 enthusiasts, or anyone else curious to know how we had to program system code back in the 1980s.

Anyone unfamiliar with assembly language for a simple 8-bit processor like the 6502 might be quite surprised (shocked?) how low-level coding was. One little mistake and the whole machine would lock up!

Anyway… once I get some time and get stuff organised, I will make the following items available:

  • Complete 6502 assembly language source code for Breden’s BASIC
  • The user manual
  • A description of the various modules, commands and key operational code areas
  • A two-pass 6502 cross assembler I wrote in C, which will generate executable code (e.g. Breden’s BASIC) for the Commodore 64 computer, or a C64 emulator like VICE etc

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  1. While I’m not interested in BASIC (as I don’t program), I would be *very* interested in a guide for setting up Git and Trac on Solaris, as I plan on having a ZFS file server up and running in the next month and would love to have a local Git server for my web coding 🙂 There just don’t seem to be any good Git/Trac guides around…

    P.S. thanks for all the ZFS posts — I plan on re-reading them all thoroughly and learning from your mistakes!

  2. i think the source code will never released, right? i’m so sad because ever wanted to see “how” add additional commands to c64 basic

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