Home Fileserver: Active Directory Integration

Matt Harrison wrote to me recently, to notify me about a guide he’d written showing how to integrate a ZFS-based OpenSolaris fileserver with Microsoft Active Directory.

His guide covers all the necessary areas like: configuring Kerberos, synchronizing time/dates, enabling the CIFS server, joining the domain, user and group mapping, ZFS datasets, setting ACLs and auto-sharing home directories.

You can read his guide here: Active Directory Integration

This guide will no doubt be very useful for those trying to do the same.

He also wrote a blog article to introduce his guide here: Integrating Solaris CIFS with Microsoft Active Directory.

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  1. This is a prime example of why you should reproduce the page instead of just linking to it. Now your page is useless since the guide is gone.

  2. My apologies, I am the owner of genestate.com and the author of that guide. The site hasn’t been touched for a long time and I wasn’t aware that things had gone awry. I am publishing a new copy of the guide (to the same URL) and it should be up shortly.

  3. Sorry it has taken a while but the guide has been re-published with a couple of tweaks. It has not been scrupulously updated to reflect any changes that might have happened since the Oracle aquisition and the many spin-offs of OSOL. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is incorrect, just that I cannot 100% guarantee it will work (I don’t have updated systems to test with).

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