Brand spanking – revenge of the Chav

When you see how much time and money goes into creating “designer” brands like Gucci, Pucci (yes, that’s a new one on me too!), Prada and Burberry that try to create an image of exclusivity, glamour and luxury that only the “privileged few” are lucky enough to have access to, it is damned funny when someone throws a spanner in the works.

Apparently, counterfeiting of these goods is rife, and Asian manufacturers are flooding the market with cheap fakes which, in the eyes of the brands, “undesirables” are buying and wearing. This has really pissed-off these brands, causing some of them to become a laughing stock and reducing their exclusivity status and snob value to sub-zero. Even worse for the brands, is that now their original customers have been put off buying their goods due to the association with Chavs. I almost died laughing when I read these:

Attempting to keep ahead of the Chavs

Now that everyone associates the Burberry check with Chavs, Burberry have attempted to shake off the Chav association and regain their original customers by modifying their product line to tone down their traditional use of the check, sometimes removing it altogether. It will be funny to see if the counterfeiters for the masses notice this and modify their counterfeited products to match. Surely, it must only be a matter of time 🙂 Then what will the original customers do?

It seems that these Chavs have a voracious appetite, and after devouring the Burberry brand they seem to have changed taste and are now feeding on Prada items. Whatever next?

What is a Chav?

In case, like yours truly until fairly recently, you haven’t a clue what a Chav is, then see below:

What does a Chav look like?

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