Mac display settings

If you think that some text on your display is hard to read then there just might be a way to improve it.

Recently when I was setting up a new Mac I had the distinct impression that the quality of the displayed text was not so good on the new machine, which was disappointing.

I use a high quality TFT display which normally gives excellent clarity. However, when viewing text on some web pages I noticed that the clarity of the text could be a lot better. After some experimentation, I discovered the solution which was to go into the System Preferences, click on Appearance, and for the Font smoothing style choose Medium – best for Flat Panel. This had been the setting on the old Mac but after using Migration Assistant to transfer all user accounts, data and settings, it appears that this had been changed to another setting giving less than stellar clarity.

So if you have that feeling that your text could be clearer, check it out and you may be pleasantly surprised!

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