Widget mania

I’m not quite sure what to make of Mac OS X widgets. When Tiger first came out in April 2005 I must admit that I was looking forward to checking them out. However, to be honest, since then I haven’t really used them much, so I suppose I’m not really sold on them. However…

Today I was flicking through MacWorld Plus magazine and at the back they had a nice glossy colourful article displaying a few widgets. It rekindled my interest again in these things. You see… I want to like them, they look so good and some of them must be indispensable, mustn’t they? Anyway, for now, with me, the jury’s out — see what you think of them. Sorry, non-Apple users, but drool on here and here.

For a slice of widget pie take a look at these:

The TV guide one alone will save me messing around opening the browser, typing in “bbc.co.uk/tv”, clicking on another link, selecting BBC1 etc, so I think I’m beginning to see some value in these widgets after all, and that is good because I really wanted to like these things. 🙂

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