How to create Mind Maps

If you are interested in creating your own Mind Maps then consider the following:

  • Use just key words, or wherever possible images.
  • Start from the centre of the page and work out.
  • Make the centre a clear and strong visual image that depicts the general theme of the map.
  • Create sub-centres for sub-themes.
  • Put key words on lines. This reinforces structure of notes.
  • Print rather than write in script. It makes them more readable and memorable. Lower case is more visually distinctive (and better remembered) than upper case.
  • Use colour to depict themes, associations and to make things stand out.
  • Anything that stands out on the page will stand out in your mind.
  • Think three-dimensionally.
  • Use arrows, icons or other visual aids to show links between different elements.
  • Don’t get stuck in one area. If you dry up in one area go to another branch.
  • Put ideas down as they occur, wherever they fit. Don’t judge or hold back.
  • Break boundaries. If you run out of space, don’t start a new sheet; paste more paper onto the map. (if using software, you may be able to link to another map)
  • Be creative. Creativity aids memory.
  • Get involved. Have fun.

mind map example

More examples of mind maps can be found here and here.

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